HAUX-OXYSTAR 800, 1000, 1200



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With the new models of the HAUX-OXYSTAR generation, we provide a powerful series of Monoplace Chambers, which will meet highest medical standards as well as satisfying all needs regarding comfort requirements.
This modern version of Monoplace Chambers offers space-saving options of treatment. Thanks to compact dimensions and the substructure on rollers, the chamber is extremely flexible and can be easily moved to almost any place.

The ergonomically designed control panel with integrated computer monitoring system allows the safe operation of the one-person chamber.

The transparent acrylic cylinder provides optimal observation of the patient during the treatment and in the same way optimizes the success of treatment.
In the optimized version of the treatment with a breathing mask, the patient breathes pure oxygen through a mask. The mask prevents the oxygen diffusion into the interior of the chamber. The exhaled air by the patient is leaded directly to the outside, thereby the O²-concentration in the chamber is always kept less than 23%.

We offer different trim levels, such as:

  • Ventilator
  • Infusion Pump

The HAUX-OXYSTAR is available in three variants:

  • HAUX-OXYSTAR 800: low-cost entry model which already provides all functionalities
  • HAUX-OXYSTAR 1000: Comfort model, which meets in addition all requirements of the patient regarding comfort
  • HAUX-OXYSTAR 1200: Premium model, our premium version of the one-person chamber offers the highest and best comfort for the patient during treatment